Master of Science in Nursing Case Management

The 37 credit curriculum consists of three levels. Level I contains the core courses which encompass nursing theory, research, current issues, financial concepts and organizational behavior. The core courses provide the foundation for graduate study in nursing and for courses in the specialization and functional areas. Levels II and III contain the specialization and functional nursing components of the curriculum. These are the role courses. Level II emphasizes the clinical and theoretical bases required for nursing case management and administrative practice. Courses focus on case management, client education, clinical management of client aggregates and administration. Level III stresses the application of theory and culminates in practica in nursing administration and in case management where role synthesis and role enactment are achieved.

Courses in case management are designed to prepare nurses to coordinate care, provide clinical management for groups of clients and act as client advocates. Students will become knowledgeable about health care delivery systems and the managed care environment; develop expertise in case management models and process, teaching, outcome measurement, and coordinating services and resources for clients.

The functional concentration in nursing administration focuses on preparing graduates for middle and upper level management roles in health care facilities. Students will develop skills in leadership and management, acquire an understanding of organizational design, health care economics, human resource development, and quality improvement tools.

Level I (14 Credits)
NU-510Current Issues in Health Care2
NU-512Nursing Theory3
NU-520Research: Design and Utilization3
GB-511Management and Human Behavior3
NU-515Health Care Financing and Managed Care3
Level II (12 Credits)
NU-530Concepts in Clinical Nursing2
NU-535Client Education: Strategies and Community Resources2
NU-540Practicum in Clinical Nursing2
NU-550Administration in Health Care Organizations3
NU-555Case Management I3
Level III (11 Credits)
NU-565Practicum in Nursing Administration2
NU-570Case Management II3
NU-580Case Management Practicum and Seminar3
Electives 1
Select one of the following:3
Advanced Pathophysiology
Pharmacolgy for Prescriptive Practice
Family Systems and Dynamics 2
Performance Improvement in Health Service Organizations
Advanced Independent Study in Nursing 3
Business Ethics
Human Resources
Enterprise Risk Management
Statistics for Managers
Computer-Based Information Systems
Total Credits37

The elective may be taken in any trimester.


A student who elects to take this course must also take NU-599 for one credit.


 NU-599 may be taken for 1-3 credits as needed.

Note: The curriculum consists of three levels; students need to complete all courses in Level I and be midway in Level II before proceeding to the third level.