Honors Program

Dr. Daniel Murphy and Dr. Rachel Wifall, Directors

The Honors Program at Saint Peter’s University provides students of exceptional academic talent and intellectual curiosity with the opportunity to pursue their studies in greater depth, breadth, and intensity.

Admission to the Program

Freshman enrollment in the Honors Program is by invitation and based upon SAT scores and high school grade point average. Students who have earned 15 or more credits at the University and have attained a cumulative index of at least 3.4 may apply for delayed entry into the program. Transfer students who possess the equivalent of a 3.4 GPA may also apply for admission to the Honors Program. 

Special Notes on Honors Program Requirements


While Honors provides academic enrichment for highly motivated students, it is not a formal major or minor.


In order to graduate “in cursu honorum,” students enrolled in the program must complete a minimum of 30 credits of Honors credit, which includes a total of 8 Honors-designated classes/special study experiences and 6 credits of Honors Thesis: research and independent study.


Independent study projects, which may carry departmental and Honors credit, must be approved by the Honors Program and the Chair of the student’s major department.


Some credit earned through the Washington Center, foreign study, an internship or other alternative methods may be applied to Honors upon approval of the director.


Students must maintain a minimum grade point average of 3.4 to remain in good standing. Honors students dropping below the minimum will be granted a one-semester grace period to restore their good standing in Honors.


Any student in the University with at least a 3.4 cumulative average may take an honors-designated course, as an “Honors Associate.”