Judicial Procedures (Residence Life)

As part of a Jesuit institution, the goal of Residence Life and the University’s judicial process is to aid students in their efforts to be responsible members of the SPU community in which they live. The Student Conduct and Judicial System in this handbook, enable students to learn from situations in which conflict arises or inappropriate behavior takes place. The system is designed to increase residents’ awareness of specific regulations and the rationales behind them, to encourage individuals to take responsibility for their behavior, and to protect the greater community. The policies and regulations for Residence Life are printed in the Housing Contract, the Residence Life Guidebook, and this handbook. In signing the Housing Contract and accepting a room assignment on campus, the student agrees to abide by these policies and regulations and all others posted, or published in other University publications and Web pages.


If a resident is found to have violated the University’s policies and regulations pertaining to Residence Life, the judicial process will be followed and sanctions may be imposed depending on the severity of the offense and the resident’s prior disciplinary record. The Residence Life sanctions listed below may be imposed, along with additional sanctions.

  1. Removal from Residence
  2. Mandated Relocation of On-Campus Residence
  3. Loss of Priority Housing Selection

Appeal Procedures

Students who wish to appeal a decision, contact the appropriate hearing officer within (3) business days of receipt of the initial decision and follow the University’s judicial appeal procedure.