Accelerated BSN Program

This program is for students who have already attained a bachelor's degree. Offered through the School of Nursing, the curriculum is designed to prepare nurses with the breadth of knowledge and skills needed for competent, ethical, and empathetic practice. 

Coursework in the accelerated nursing program is taught by practicing professionals who provide the active knowledge and skills needed to take on the ever changing world of nursing. In tandem with clinical experiences and simulations, students are prepared to meet the needs of their future patients in only 15 months.

Accelerated Baccalaureate Nursing Program (61 Credits)

Semester I - Fall (17 credits)
NU-202Theorical Bases of Professional Nursing3
NU-202LTheoretical Bases Prof Nursing Lab0
NU-210Pharmacology for Prof. Nursing Practice3
NU-215Medical Dosage Calculations3
NU-250Clinical Bases of Professional Nursing5
NU-250LClinical Bases Lab0
NU-308Health Assessment3
NU-308LHealth Assessment Lab0
Semester II - Spring (16 Credits)
NU-204Nutrition and Health3
NU-312Nursing Care for Adults and Aging I5
NU-312LNursing Care Adults & Aging Lab0
NU-414Nursing Care of Children and Adolescents5
NU-414LNursing Care Child& Adlsnt Lab0
Semester III - Summer 1 & 2 (18 Credits)
NU-315Nursing Care for Adults and Aging II5
NU-315LNursing Care for Adults and Aging II Lab0
NU-325Nursing Care of Child-Bearing Families5
NU-325LNursing Care of Child-Bearing Families0
NU-390Intro to Nursing Research3
NU-404Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing5
NU-404LPsychiatric-Mental Health Lab0
Semester IV - Fall (13 Credits)
NU-360Computer App in Nursing& Health Care2
NU-420Community Health Nursing4
NU-420LCommunity Health Nursing Lab0
NU-430Nursing Care of Adults and Aging III4
NU-430LNurs Care Adults& Aging Lab0
NU-445Leadership and Trends in Nursing3
Total Credits67