College of Arts and Sciences

Dr. WeiDong Zhu, Dean

Dr. Jeffrey Dueck, Assistant Dean

The College of Arts and Sciences is the original foundation of Saint Peter’s University, offering the core curriculum as well as an abundance of majors and minors in the humanities, arts, social sciences, and natural sciences. In the Jesuit tradition, the College fosters in every student intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and strong communication skills, while igniting a passion for lifelong learning. Providing opportunities for research, experiential learning, and internships around the New York Metropolitan area, the College ultimately prepares students for success in a wide range of careers, as enlightened and ethical leaders dedicated to inclusivity and service to others.

Founded in 1872, the College of Arts and Sciences is the oldest college at Saint Peter’s. The University's broad core curriculum is housed here and and it thoroughly prepares students to critically address issues that are fundamental to a humane education. Students learn to intellectually appreciate diverse perspectives and ideas, to be conscious of social and moral obligations, and to respect the traditions of Jesuit education.  The College’s more than 50 undergraduate majors, minors, special programs, as well as its articulation programs and graduate programs are designed to further develop ethically minded students to become rigorous and critical thinkers, lifetime learners and strong leaders in today’s diverse and global society.  

Undergraduate Major Programs*

  • Anthropology (B.A.)

  • Art History (B.A.)

  • Asian and Asian-American Studies

  • Biochemistry (B.S.)

  • Biology (B.S. and B.A.) – B.S. with a concentration in Forensic Science

  • Biotechnology (B.S.)

  • Chemistry (B.S. and B.A.) – B.S. with a concentration in Forensic Science

  • Classical Languages and Literatures (B.A.)

  • Classical Civilization (B.A.)

  • Communication (B.A.)

  • Criminal Justice (B.A.) – with concentrations in Law and Justice, Corrections, Police Administration, Investigative Sciences and Profiling, Criminal Research and Intelligence Analysis, Cyber Security and Computer Forensics, and Foundations of Law

  • English Literature (B.A.)

  • Environmental Studies (B.A.)

  • Fine Arts (B.A.)

  • Graphic Arts (B.A.) – a concentration in Photography is also available

  • Health Sciences (B.S.)

  • History (B.A.)

  • Latin American and Latino Studies (B.A.)

  • Mathematics (B.S. and B.A.) – B.A. with concentrations in Elementary Education, and in Secondary Education 

  • Medicinal Chemistry (B.S.) 

  • Modern Languages (B.A.) – with concentrations in Italian and/or French

  • Natural Science (B.S.)

  • Philosophy (B.A.) – with concentrations in Ethical Leadership and Ethics and Moral Philosophy

  • Physics (B.S.)

  • Political Science (B.A.)

  • Psychology (B.S.) – with concentrations in Clinical, Industrial-Organizational, and Forensic Psychology

  • Sociology (B.A.)

  • Spanish (B.A.)

  • Theology (B.A.)

  • Urban Studies (B.A.)

  • Visual Arts (B.A.)

*  Almost all major programs offer a minor with a credit requirement ranging from 18 to 20 credits. 

Undergraduate Minor Programs (self-standing)

  • Africana Studies

  • Creative Writing and Publishing

  • French

  • Gender and Sexuality Studies

  • Italian

  • Journalism

  • Music

  • Public Relations

  • Social Justice

  • Theater Arts

  • Theatre

Collaborative/Articulation Programs

  • Pre-Med/Pre-Dental Program (with Rutgers University)

  • Pre-Pharmacy Program (with Rutgers University)

  • Pre-Physical Therapy Program (with Rutgers University)

  • Clinical Laboratory Sciences (with Rutgers University)

  • Dual Bachelor’s degree in Physics and Electrical Engineering (with New Jersey Institute of Technology)

  • Joint B.S./M.S. Program in Physics/Engineering Physics (with Stevens Institute of Technology)

  • Joint B.A./J.D. Program (with Seton Hall University)

Graduate Programs

  • Communication and Public Relations (M.A.)

  • Health Sciences (M.S.)

  • Industrial-Organizational Psychology (M.S. and M.A.)

  • Public Administration (M.A.)

* Accelerated graduate programs are available for high achieving undergraduate students.