Clinical Laboratory Sciences Collaborative Program

Dr. WeiDong Zhu, Coordinator

Saint Peter’s University and Rutgers University offer collaborative programs leading to the Bachelor of Science in Clinical Laboratory Sci­ences with a concentration in Cytotechnology or a concentration in Medical Laboratory Science. Clinical Laboratory Science majors complete all pre-professional and general education require­ments—minimum of 90 to 95 credits over three years (6 semesters)—at Saint Peter’s University before beginning the 12 to 15 month (4 semesters) of clinical/professional training at Rutgers University School of Health Related Professions and affiliated clinical/research facilities.

Requirements for Clinical Laboratory Sciences Major, Concentration in Cytotechnology or Medical Laboratory Science

Degree of Bachelor of Science

Twelve of the required credits for the major count towards the Core Curriculum Requirements.

Course List

BI-183General Biology I 13
BI-185General Biology I Lab1
BI-184General Biology II 13
BI-186General Biology II Lab1
BI-215Principles of Anatomy and Physiology4
BI-215LPrinciples of Anatomy and Physiology Lab0
BI-240Cell and Molecular Biology4
BI-240LCell and Molecular Biology Lab0
BI-450LMicrobiology Lab0
CH-131General Chemistry and Qualitative Analysis I4
CH-131LGeneral Chemistry and Qualitative Analysis I Lab0
CH-132General Chemistry and Qualitative Analysis II4
CH-132LGeneral Chemistry and Qualitative Analysis II Lab0
CH-251Organic Chemistry I4
CH-251LOrganic Chemistry I Lab0
MA-132Statistics for Life Sciences 23
MA-133Calculus for the Life Sciences 24
Select one Elective at 200-level or above with one of the following prefixes (BC, BI, CH, PC) or choose a MA Elective above MA-133.3
Select one of the following concentrations2-3
Cytotechnology Concentration
Medical Laboratory Science Concentration
Total Credits44-45

Special Notes on core curriculum Requirements.

Special Note on Requirements for the Concentration in Cytotechnology

Special Note on Requirements for the Concentration in Medical Laboratory Science