American Studies Program

James P. Jacobson, Coordinator

The American Studies Program offers an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the history, culture and society of the United States. It provides students with the opportunity to develop an integrated understanding of American society by transcending the boundaries of traditional disciplines. You need to take 10 courses from the list below. (1) You may sample courses from as many areas as possible. (2) You can also, in consultation with the program coordinator, choose an individualized area of concentration such as: The American City, The American Family, American Public Policy, Politics in America, Race and Ethnicity in America, Visual, Literary and/or Performance Cultures, Criminal Justice in America, American Government, Women in America and Minority Groups in America. Areas of concentration may be highly individualized, depending on the student’s intellectual focus, prior preparation and the availability of courses.

Requirements for American Studies Major

Degree of Bachelor of Arts

Interdisciplinary Electives

Select one course from five of the following groups.

Group 1
AR-214Art Advertising and Design3
AR-240Cultural Diversity in Art3
AR-250Live Performance Art3
AR-340The Visual Arts in America3
AR-293Today's Film Scene3
Group 2
CJ-165Introduction to Criminology3
CJ-170Intro to Criminal Justice3
CJ-175Intro to Law Enforcement3
CJ-210Multiculturalism in Justice3
CJ-222Family Law3
CJ-240Gangs and Organized Crime3
CJ-253Social Deviance3
CJ-258Criminal Justice Ethics (Values course)3
CJ-280Juvenile Delinquency3
CJ-390Criminal Law3
CJ-420Drugs Society & Human Behavior3
CJ-485Child Protection Agencies and the Law3
Group 3
CU-256The Horror Film3
CU-285Gender & Communication3
Group 4
EC-324Poverty & Inequality3
Group 5
ED-160Education/Schooling/Multicultural Soc3
ED-390Innovative Projects in Education I3
Group 6
EL-493Film Noir: Dark Side of American Film3
Group 7
HS-344Alexander Hamilton's America3
HS-345The Era of the Civil War3
HS-347American Republic 1919-19453
HS-375The World Wars3
HS-444History of American Immigration3
Group 8
PO-201American Government3
PO-207The Mass Media and American Politics3
PO-215United States Foreign Policy3
PO-310Feminist Political Theory3
PO-409Constitutional Law & Governmental Powers3
PO-417Constitutional Law & Civil Liberties3
Group 9
SO-256Sociology of Sports3
SO-345Sociology of Intimacy3
SO-370Urban Anthropology3
Group 10
TH-343Black Theology3
TH-496Theology and Urban Problems3
Group 11
UR-151The Contemporary City (Core Social Science)3
UR-202Urban Music: Jazz to Hip-Hop3
UR-308Analysis of Urban Social Class3
UR-309Women in Changing Urban World3