Finance (BS) - SPS

This major is offered online by the School of Professional Studies, in consultation with the Frank J. Guarini School of Business.

Bachelor of Science in Finance

Major Requirements

EC-101Macroeconomic Principles (Core Social Science)3
EC-102Microeconomic Principles3
EC-251Intermediate Microeconomics3
EC-252Intermediate Macroeconomics3
EC-300Stats for Business Finance & Economics3
EC-496Capstone Seminar 13
FN-401Intro to Corporate Finance 13
orĀ FN-410 Business Finance
FN-416Ethics in Financial Professions3
FNFN Electives15
AC-151Principles of Accounting I3
AC-152Principles of Accounting II3
BL-161Introduction to Law & Contracts3
BA-151Principles of Management3
BA-155Principles of Marketing3
Total Credits54