Mission Statements of the Doctoral Programs

Doctorate in Educational Leadership (Ed.D.) 

Saint Peter's University Ed.D. Programs offered through the School of Education are consistent with the University's mission and Jesuit teaching.  The Ed.D. Programs in Educational Leadership are aligned with the national professional standards and the state of New Jersey standards. The Ed.D. Programs infuse the knowledge, skills and insights to propose and implement researched based policy decisions, develop and execute strategic planning to achieve positive organizational change and apply data based research toward educational issues.  With these facets in place, the Educational Leadership Programs will produce empowered leaders who are inclined to promote the success of all students and possess a dedication to serving their entire school community. 

Doctorate in Nursing Practice (DNP)

The mission of the Doctorate in Nursing program is consistent with the mission of the University. The DNP program prepares advanced practitioners to become ethical and socially conscious leaders and expert nurses in the delivery of health care.  Graduates will be advocates for those who cannot advocate for themselves while preparing for life-long learning by utilizing research and other evidence applicable to the diagnosis, treatment, and care for the betterment of their patients, their practice, and their profession.