Saint Peter’s University Administration

General Administration

Eugene J. Cornacchia1, Ph.D., President

Frederick Bonato, Ph.D., Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs

Virginia Bender1 ’78, Ph.D., Special Assistant to the President for Planning

Eileen L. Poiani1, Ph.D., Special Assistant to the President

Paul Ciraulo, M.A., Vice President of Finance and Business

Leah Leto, M.Ed., Vice President for Advancement

Andrew Downing, S.J., Vice President for Mission and Ministry

Elizabeth Sullivan, M.A., Vice President for Enrollment Management and Marketing

Erin McCann, M.B.A., Vice President for Student Life & Development

TBD, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs & Assessment

Administrative Staff

Yesenia Nino, Senior Associate Director of Graduate and Professional Studies Admission

Mark Lovenson, M.B.A., Associate Director of Graduate Operations

Filomena D’Urso, B.A., Assistant Administrative Director of Graduate Business Programs

Barna Donovan, Ph.D., Director of Graduate Communication Program

Ginger Schnitzer, J.D., Director of Graduate Public Administration Program

Joseph Gilkey, Ph.D., Director of Data Science Institute and Graduate Business Programs

Alberto La Cava, Ph.D., Director of Cyber Security Program

Devin Rafferty, Ph.D., Director of Graduate Finance Program

Joshua Feinberg, Ph.D., Director of Graduate Psychology Programs

Jen Ragsdale, M.Ed., Director of Financial Aid

Weidong Zhu, Ph.D., Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Mary Kate Naatus, Ph.D., KPMG Dean, Frank J. Guarini School of Business

Joseph Doria, Jr., Ed.D., Dean, Caulfield School of Education

Anna Cicirelli1, Ed.D., Associate Dean, Caulfield School of Education, Director of Doctorate in Education Programs

Lauren O'Hare, Ed.D., Dean, School of Nursing

Kamla Singh, M.B.A., Registrar