Welcome to Saint Peter’s University, a school committed to the Jesuit tradition of quality education based on a sound philosophical foundation.

Graduate Programs

Saint Peter’s offers the following graduate programs:

Master of Arts in Education. With concentrations in Educational Leadership, Educational Technology, English as a Second Language, Higher Education, Reading, Teaching, Special Education and School Counseling.

Education Specialist. A 36 credit hour program that is beyond the master’s degree, and can be achieved after the master’s degree has been completed.

Graduate Education Certification Program. With certifications as a Supervisor, Teacher, School Business Administrator, Middle School Mathematics, Teacher of Students with Disabilities, Director of Counseling Services, and Professional/Associate Counselor.

Master of Science in Nursing. With a concentration in Nursing Primary Care (Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner).

Master of Arts/Science in Industrial Organizational Psychology. A 36 credit hour program designed to prepare students for a wide range of career paths in academic, organizational, and consulting settings.

Master of Business Administration. A 36 credit-hour program with optional concentrations in cyber security, finance, international business, management, management information systems, marketing intelligence, business analytics, risk management, human resource management and health care administration.

Master of Science in Accountancy. A 30 credit-hour program preparing undergraduate accounting majors to take the CPA exam and non-accounting majors to prepare for a professional services role in consulting, information systems, or compliance.

Dual MBA/MS in Accountancy. A 54 credit-hour joint program offering two degrees and providing a strong accounting and professional services foundation along with the full breadth of an MBA degree.

Master of Science in Finance. A 30 credit-hour program designed for working professional  and full-time and part-time students who wish to gain the expertise to succeed in today's globalized financial world. 

Master of Arts in Communication and Public Relations.  A 33 credit-hour program that focuses on the skills and knowledge needed for professionals in the field of Strategic Communication.

Master of Public Administration.  A 36 credit-hour program that focuses on the skills and knowledge needed for professionals in the field of Public Administration.

Master of Science in Business Analytics. A 30 credit-hour program designed for working managers and professionals who seek to deepen their industry credentials, data analysis skills and ability to leverage and monetize data in managerial processes and decision making to meet market needs.

Master of Science in Cyber Security. A 30 credit-hour program that prepares students with the technical knowledge and skills needed to protect and defend computer systems and networks.

Master of Science in Data Science. A 36 credit-hour program that is designed for students interested in pursuing careers in industry-specific analytical fields.

Master of Science in Health Sciences.  A 36 credit-hour program that is designed to prepare students for a wide range of careers in the healthcare industry.

Master of Science in Marketing Science. A 36 credit-hour program that is designed for students interested in the roles of mathematics, analytics, modeling, and psychology in analyzing and interpreting consumer data.

Doctoral Programs

Doctor of Education (Concentrations in K-12 and Higher Education Administration)
Doctor of Nursing Practice

Convenient Locations

Saint Peter’s University offers its graduate programs at the main campus as well as other partner sites:

Jersey City (Kennedy Boulevard)

Doctorate in Education (K-12, Higher Education), Graduate Education, Business, Accountancy, Communication and Public Relations, Public Administration, Marketing Science, Finance, Health Sciences, Psychology, Business Analytics, Cyber Security, Data Science and Nursing.

Trimesters, Semesters, and Summer Sessions

Business, Accountancy, Public Administration, Marketing Science, Finance, Business Analytics, Health Sciences, Psychology and Communication and Public Relations courses are offered on a trimester basis. Education and Nursing courses are offered both in a trimester and semester format. Data Science and Cyber Security courses are offered in a semester format. Check schedules at www.saintpeters.edu.

Admission Information

Applicants seeking admission to graduate study must complete the admission requirements for each program. Refer to the academic program section of this catalog for such information.

Credit for Undergraduate and Graduate Course Work

Saint Peter’s University may award credit for graduate courses taken at other schools. Certain requirements may be waived based upon undergraduate courses. Check with the program advisor for more information.

Academic Advisement

Academic advisors are available to assist students in planning their schedules. Individuals who have been accepted into a graduate program must meet with the Administrative Coordinator/Director of that program for advisement prior to his/her initial registration for courses. An appointment can be scheduled by contacting one of the following offices.

  • Graduate Education (201 761-6473) or jdoria@saintpeters.edu.
  • Graduate Business  (201 761-6472) or mmcdonough1@saintpeters.edu.
  • Graduate Accountancy (201 761-6470 or psookram@saintpeters.edu
  • Graduate Nursing (201 761-7490) or lohare@saintpeters.edu.
  • Graduate Communication (201 761-6330) or bdonovan@saintpeters.edu.
  • Graduate Marketing Science (201 761-6470) or gbizel@saintpeters.edu.
  • Graduate Public Administration (201 761-6155) or gschnitzer@saintpeters.edu.
  • Graduate Data Science (201 761-6470) or vvoddi@saintpeters.edu.
  • Graduate Cyber Security (201 761-6362) or alacava@saintpeters.edu.
  • Graduate Psychology (201 761-6470) or jfeinberg@saintpeters.edu.
  • Graduate Finance (201 761-6470) or drafferty@saintpeters.edu.
  • Graduate Business Analytics (201 761-6470) or jgilkey@saintpeters.edu.
  • Graduate Health Sciences (201 761-6470) or cmortellaro@saintpeters.edu.