The University recognizes that its students are adults who are ultimately responsible for their own behavior. The University, however, also recognizes that it has an obligation to the students themselves and to the total university community to diminish the incidents of alcohol abuse, misuse, and consequent negative behavior. Therefore, the University will educate its students on the policy and consistently enforce it as well as comply with local, state, and federal laws pertaining to alcohol use.

  1. New Jersey State Law prohibits the sale, purchase or consumption of alcohol by anyone under the age of 21. Violations of this law will not be tolerated on the University campus.
  2. Alcohol consumption is not permitted on public grounds of the University, nor may open containers of alcohol be transported on the grounds by anyone, regardless of age.
  3. All athletic events take place in public areas. Therefore, alcoholic beverages are not permitted at any athletic events.
  4. Alcohol at student-sponsored events on-campus is prohibited. This includes events sponsored by student clubs and organizations.
  5. Permission to serve alcohol at student-sponsored off campus events, e.g. a semi-formal dance, must be obtained from the Director of Student Activities. Resident students are also governed by the alcohol policies that are specified in the Residence Life section of The NET. It is the obligation of every resident to now and understand what these policies are.

Effective with the start of the 2009-10 Academic Year, possession and/or consumption of alcohol spirits of 90 proof or more is strictly prohibited, as are “drinking games” of any kind.