Master of Arts in Education: English as a Second Language

The Master of Arts Program and certification program in English as a Second Language is a 36 credit degree program. The program is aligned to New Jersey Department of Education requirements to teach English as a Second Language (ESL). The curriculum covers theory and practice of second language education, history and culture of limited English proficiency, linguistics, English structure and sound and methods of teaching ESL.

GE-502Psychological Foundations of Learning3
GE-505Directed Research in Education3
GE-509History and Cultural Background of English Learners3
GE-512Assessment of Student Ability and Achievement3
GE-545Teaching and Assessing Second Language Learners3
GE-570Foundations of Reading Curriculum Design and Development3
GE-580The Teaching of Literacy for English Language Learners3
GE-585Phonology and the Structure of American English3
GE-590General Linguistics3
GE-591The Process of Second Language Acquisition3
GE-605Theory and Practice of Teaching ESL3
GE-614Overview of Educational Disabilities for Specialized Instruction3
Total Credits36