Master of Science in Nursing Primary Care - Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner

The 39 credit curriculum consists of core, cognate and role courses divided into two levels. Level I contains core and cognate courses which provide the foundation for graduate study in nursing and for the knowledge bases required for advanced practice. Coursework at this level includes: nursing, theory and research, current issues, health care financing and managed care, advanced pathophysiology, pharmacology for prescriptive practive, advanced health assessment with diagnostics, family systems and client education. In Level II the courses focus on advanced theory and clinical practice to prepare graduates for the role of adult-gerontology nurse practitioner. Courses include theory in advanced adult-gerontology nursing and culminate in practica in advanced adult-gerontology nursing where role synthesis and role enactment are accomplished.

The program is designed to prepare graduates for advanced practice in primary care as adult-gerontology nurse practitioners.  Students will develop their expertise to assess, diagnose and manage the therapeutic regimens for adult-geriatric clients with common acute illnesses and stabilized chronic illnesses in primary care settings.

Level I
Core Courses (13 Credits)
NU-510Current Issues in Health Care2
NU-512Nursing Theory3
NU-515Health Care Financing and Managed Care3
NU-520Research: Design and Utilization3
NU-535Client Education: Strategies2
Cognate Courses (11 Credits)
NU-536Advanced Pathophysiology3
NU-537Pharmacolgy for Prescriptive Practice3
NU-538Family Systems and Dynamics2
NU-542Advanced Health Assessment and Diagnostic Reasoning3
Level II
Specialty Courses (15 Credits)
NU-558Advanced Practice Adult-Gerontology Nursing I3
NU-568Advanced Practice Adult-Gerontology Nursing Practicum I ( 300 hrs )4
NU-572Advanced Practice Adult-Gerontology Nursing II3
NU-582Advanced Practice Adult-Gerontology Nursing Practicum II (300 hrs )4
NU-586Advanced Practice Nursing Master's Project1
Total Credits39

Note: The curriculum consists of two levels. Students may begin the program with any core or cognate course, provided the prerequisite is met. All core courses must be completed prior to taking Level II courses.